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Hi mate, as Venomous kindly pointed out, I run a flip to hide plate on the front made by Swift Motorsports and I run a "slide down cover" (in place, non folding) rear plate system simply called "Stealth License Plate". Google them both and you'll find them. Below are videos of them in action.

I've had my front one in for literally a few years now? and no problems at all. I customized mine a little bit so it would sit flush/under the bodykit when in place and not stick out 1/2" or so from the bodykit (which is how they came, so they can swing open properly). The rear plate is much better in my opinion, faster, and cleaner but when you want NOTHING on the front, then the fold away system is the best. It's nice being able to hide both plates, on the go, from inside the cab haha.

The front plate working. It's around 1:00 minute in.

The rear plate working.

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