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6 speed Conversions for QUAD CABS

Finally we are offering you a kit ready to transform your 05/06 Quad Cab in a tire shredding, MPG gettin', Lightning Eating 6 Speed!
Complete with new T-56 Transmission, Master, Slave, 1- piece Aluminum Driveshaft, tranny mount bracket, pedal set, floor console (05' only) Centerforce Clutch, and Fidanza Alum. Flywheel.
PCM programming additional cost through your tuner or we can have done as well.

This is using a BRAND NEW T-56 Transmission to ensure correct function and longevity. We can also rebuild your provided T-56 if necessary and adjust price around that.

You gain around 30 HP, lose about 150 lbs, and gain about 3-4 hwy mpg!
Enjoy your Viper Truck as it should've been offered from SRT from the factory.

$8000 kit price for remanufactured tranny
$1500 install by Venomous1 Racing
Don't forget to subtract the sale of your automatic 48re from your total bill

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