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I am a machinist also, and I milled out my throttle body. You might want to consider how much metal you remove, because it will affect the drivability of your truck. I only milled mine out until it was perfectly straight from top to bottom. Similar to JTSVP's billet throttle body. I didn't want to go too big without getting the vehicle properly tuned and leaning it out to much. But I also wanted to see how it would react first. Once finished and reinstalled, there was a faster throttle response, and a little bit of noticeable power, but not much. My only complaint is the idle surge I get when parked, or sitting at a stop light. Put that with a loud exhaust, and sometimes it gets very annoying. It tends to hang around 1200 rpms and won't drop. So before you go all kinds of crazy I would recommend trying some small modifications first before destroying you throttle body.
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