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Tyler, first off let me apologize. I shot back an email earlier, just hopped in my personal email and say the notification of this post and wanted to hop on as well. This one (obviously) slipped through the cracks more than once. No excuses, just insanely busy. These are at my warehouse, and when I am back there again tomorrow / Sunday I will bring them to the shop and figure out whats up.

Originally Posted by SRT2SLOW View Post
Sorry to hear that. You figure you payed for them already and he would take care of you. and hes gonna charge you again to repair them when they never worked in the first place. Thats nuts. Do you have a pic of them?
It wasn't that they didn't work in the first place. They worked, but the harness we where using back when the order was placed a little over 3 years ago was not to the standards of the company I use for our HID products now. In fact, we moved all business from that company a little over 2 years ago, when we saw that over time the others where deteriorating, and warranty seemed to be non existent with them. Moved on, haven't looked back.

In reference to my email response of a repair quote, this is for a broken lens. I'll know more when I see the lights, but in prior communication with Tyler - somehow one of the lenses is cracked. Quite would be a first that I've seen in 5 years.

Pic? I have a full album of them here - 02-05 Ram - Painted Gloss Black - Clear Corners - Projectors - MC-R Halo Shrouds - Shaved Reflector

Originally Posted by ViperBaja505 View Post
You want to get his attention.... Comment on his intagram posts and use his hastags to show dis satisfaction with his products. His customers or potential customers will see those comments. Instant BBB
Tyler had my attention this afternoon when I saw his email. In the end, the blame is here, I know that. I am here to make it right - bottom line.
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