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SCT for QC

Hey all, I don't post much on here, but I have an SCT that was on my truck, have since sold my truck, and have this left over from the parts I took off pre-sale. If anyone is interested, and would like to give a fair offer plus shipping.

Details: it's an SCT. I bought it brand new off Tony at JTSVP, he loaded a few tunes on it, its for a qc, 91 tune, valet tune and and 87??? Tune I'm pretty sure. It has been married to two trucks, so there is one marry left on it. I put it on a buddies SRT10 here in Edmonton, to see if he liked it. He did, and so did I. Both 05 trucks. We have both since sold the trucks. Can email pictures. Send me a pm with your email, if interested. Comes with everything that came with the SCT.

Thanks guys!
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