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Originally Posted by ivey_usmc View Post
Im looking on buying a 2dr srt 10 6speed and wanted to know if one year is better than the other? Im looking at reliability, strength of transmission, rear end. Any other issues.
'04s do not have any knock sensors.
'04s have TRW 2 Pistons Slide Calipers instead of 05/06 TRW 4 Piston Monoblock Calipers.
'04s have a 4.10:1 Ring and Pinion Gear instead of 05/06 4.56:1. Same Carrier.
'06s have a different front end, controller, weigh more, and seem to be a touch slower than 04/05.
All years have leaky oil cooler and power steering lines.

Everything I can remember, there are maybe 1 or 2 minor differences I can't think of.


'04s were an option on a Ram 1500, not a model. Some insurances companies are cheaper on '04s.
'06s had an option for heated seats.

Full bolt on, 2/3 drop, 4:56's +lots of extras.

Boost Coming Soon.

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