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My situation since I got the truck in November.

1. PS lines issues right after getting truck. Took three repairs to get them right.

2. Carrier bearing replaced 3 weeks ago.

3. Drove from KC to Memphis last week. 7 1/2 hour drive only took 6. (slight vibration when I hit 120) Fun drive but ended up replacing left front hub and both valve covers leaking. While in the shop was informed ball joints need to be replaced.

4. Radiator hose blew off yesterday and shop told me it looks like dealership in Memphis didn't replace valve covers? Just cleaned oil and tightened but charged me 296 bucks. Will get conformation today. They are gong to catch hell and send me a refund if true. Shop in KC will do ball joints today.

5. KC shop also told me brakes needs to be done. I already had rotors, pads and upgraded lines on order.

My dream truck is turning to a little bit of a nightmare but I'm going to try to hang in there. It only had 60,000 mile when I got so I figure these are just things coming up due to pervious owner not driving it much. Daily driver for me until I find something else got get to work in, this weekend hopefully. I drive it like you are suppose to, fast. Hopefully the repairs will slow down.
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