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Engine Knock

Hey all I've got an engine knock. Before you read below my ultimate questions are should I upgrade lifters, valves, and/or rods? (If it is a lifter tick) If so, what should I upgrade to? I don't plan racing or supercharging. I hope nothing warped or is damaged, but temps got high. Here's what happened:

It all happened quickly. The truck overheated a couple days ago. Check gauge light came on while on the freeway. I slowed down to see what was up, lost power steering quickly after, then pulled over. Temps were 260+ by the time I was stopped. No knocking then. A tow truck came and I drove it onto the bed (temps were down), and there was no knocking. Took it to the dealership where they tried to bend me over on prices. Said I was leaking coolant out of my heater hose and oil was low. But while checking everything out they discovered the ticking. Seeing how they charged me 350 for an oil change, topping off coolant, and not much else I decided I'd take it somewhere else. But first I wanted to see if it was bad spark plugs. All of the easy ones to get out were fine. The code is cylinder 9 (P0309) misfire. I can't get to the 9th plug because the truck has aftermarket wheels and there is one gyat damn lugnut that none of my sockets will fit on. So access through the wheel well is out. This is my dd and I have no other transportation to get what is needed and I don't think I can fix whatever is wrong anyways. Since all the others were fine I'm guessing the 9th is fine too? Unless the last owner encountered the lugnut when replacing and didn't bother with 7 & 9. I've got a power steering pump on the way from Scott at Venomous1 (thanks!) so I guess I'll just have a shop my cousin trusts tear the top down and look into it, while also doing the pump. Any thoughts or should do's? I have a short video clip of the knock but I don't know how to change format and/or upload. Thanks in advance for any responses!
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