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Over heating

On the way to work today the truck nearly over heated.

About 7 miles from my house I notice the radiator fan came on around 45 mph. Then I noticed white smoke from the side view mirror behind the truck, then I saw the water temp at 240. Pulled into a Wendy's and shut it down. Popped the hood and saw that the upper radiator hose had popped off. Borrowed a big pair of pliers from some landscape guys and got it back on. What surprised me is that there wasn't a huge mess from the hose popping off, and also that the coolant tank was completely full.

I was wearing a shirt and tie and my wife was in the truck too so I didn't have a lot of options to crawl under and look. Waited for the truck to cool and drove until the temp gauge hit 240-250. Rinse and repeat in 95 degree heat and 100% humidity...
Took about 2 hours to drive those 7 miles back home. Would have been the same amount of time waiting for a tow.

Turning on the heater made no difference. Vehicle speed made no difference. Could only travel about a mile or so before the engine got too hot for my liking...

Texted Andy and he thinks that the thermostat is stuck closed. I just got to work and I asked one of our techs what he thinks. He said that if the lower radiator hose is cool to the touch then the thermostat is staying closed. He also said to feel around the radiator for and heat/cool differences. Could have a clogged radiator.

Never had this happen in any vehicle i've owned. What do you guys think?
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