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Brian I am really glad we made the trip and were able to catch up a bit.
But I think I enjoyed it a lot more than my wife LOL. She's young and didn't come to America until 2006. Hard for her to appreciate the cars I grew up with.
Always love to see the muscle cars, but the mid to late 70's stuff brought back a lot of good old memories for me as well.
Cars you rarely see that used to be everywhere, Furys, Magnums, Cordobas, Aspens, Diplomats, Lebarons, Ramchargers, Big ol Chryslers and fake woodgrain station wagons.
The odd stuff was great, after rows of Chargers, Cudas Road Runners and Challengers, it was nice to see the cars that hardly anyone kept. There was even an 84 Omni TLC exactly like one my mom had. Same color, wheels, and interior. (It was such a POS)
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