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Originally Posted by ZRT10 View Post
Ha I'm 5'9 and a buck seventy. I got on top after taking the heat shield off and was able to get to the 7th and 9th fairly easily. 9th was bad but all others were just mildly worn. Replaced with copper champions. Not surprisingly though the knock is still there. I'd really like to do this project myself and save a few grand, bought the chilton service manual online, but have been repeatedly advised by friends and family family to bite the bullet and take it to a shop. I've got 100k in student loans so what's another 5 right? ... right?
Where are you located? We can point you in the right direction to get this sorted out if we know where you are.
Originally Posted by KyleB View Post
OMG, I think you're right! You're a genius, we should definitely put you in charge around here.
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