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Originally Posted by ZRT10 View Post
Well it's not looking good. The pushrod was severely bent and the heads are warped. My mechanic is away until Monday when he will pull the heads and check the block to see if there is any damage there. If so then I don't know what I'll do. If there is no damage to the block then I'm looking at $4k for parts, labor, and having the heads machined. Are performance heads worth an additional $2k or so? I know everyone has allegiances to various vendors but roe racing has some heads for ~2750. Are there others? The reason I ask is that, and my thinking is flawed (I know), but if I'm spending 5k or more I don't want to get my truck back and it merely be operating "normal". It's like I'm spending all that money to break even (even though I'd technically be spending it to get a functional vehicle). After all of this, if I get performance heads, I can at least say "yeah it all sucked but at least I got an additional 35 horses out of the ordeal"... or something to that effect. Let me know thoughts.
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