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Originally Posted by earl lee View Post
If a rod went through the block wouldnt you have seen the carnage on the ground? I had mine bend a piston rod but was able to have it rebuilt.

If you sell your truck as is you'll be taking a loss but if you want to divest yourself of it that is the route.

I just looked on ebay and saw a few v10 motors in the range of 8 to 10k. So that is what your looking at to replace the motor, then you have to factor in having it put in which I'd estimate another 2k+ for labor.
No, you wouldn't have seen it on the ground. It doesn't blow a full chunk of the block out, it splits it and most of the time you just see a wide crack protruding out..

Don't get me wrong if you do it right you can have a full window but normally it's not that exciting..

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