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I took mine in for keys also, they said the passenger bag was under recall and could change it in 30 mins. I said ok and watch the tec pull it and put it on a towel and change but he scratch the plate that said SRT-10 like four places I was pissed. Call the GM over he said we will take care of it. Well you can't buy just the plate and only if you get the hole cover plus new air bag over $900.00 . My friend is the parts manager there so he said he will find me one. I came home got some plastic polish, clean and clean . Yes I got it out. I call my friend told him and let them off the hook. He told me to hang on he got me a new hood liner, with new buttons to hold it and the firer wall cover, and got my keys done for free with a refund. So I'm happy. Truck is used but it looks new . Not sure if I will go back just do it my self.....
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