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Paxton Supercharger

Ok, guys I haven't posted much in the last few years. I'm thinking about pulling the supercharger of the truck and selling it. This is a feeler thread to see if someone will be interested. So here is the breakdown.

1. Paxton Supercharger kit polished it has a custom bracket setup to run direct from the crank on it own 8 rib belt similar the Procharger. Doesn't piggy back off the accessory belt. That I know of there are only 3 setups like this. I have on it now a 2.8" pulley producing 10-12 lbs of boost. You can you smaller and get upto 15 psi with a 2.75" pulley if you desire.
2. I have upgraded the following: heat exchanger, bigger pump for the water to air intercooler, intake pipes (no cheapy drier hose), will come with bigger injectors 60lbs, custom crank pulley (you will need to key your crank), OEM fuel pump assembly with Roe Racing fuel pump 400 lph (will support upto 820 rwhp STILL BRAND NEW), Votech Race bypass valve, and Snow performance stage 3 kit.
3. You will need an SCT Tuner and a tune after its been installed.
Asking $5k let me know if anyone is interest email: [email protected] I'm sure you can go to my previous threads and see most of the pics of the system.
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