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Originally Posted by Trainman View Post
Car is full weight, about 4250 lbs, I'm 215, so close to 4500 lbs race weight. 416 cubic inch, Trick Flow 255 heads ported by Greg Good, blower ported by Greg Good, BTR stage 2 cam, American Racing headers, no cats, stock muffler. Flex fuel conversion. Can run on 91 octane, and E85, Race on C85 fuel. Makes 831 rwhp on C85 with 23 degrees timing race tune. 6 -speed manual , 3.73 rear gears, stock axles, stock suspension.
Sweeet. You make a 10.1 pass and you'll be itching to pull the seats I'm sure. What power does it make on the e vs. the C85, ever consider FTW ? Are you running it out with the 3.73 gear ? Stock axles...that's insane !!!

Alot of questions I know...picked up the Camaro6 almost 2 years ago and I am loving the direct injected LT1. Ran 10.98 @124 NA with light bolt ons. The bug is biting and looking to up my game next year.

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