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Originally Posted by MOD(S)QUAD View Post
Sweeet. You make a 10.1 pass and you'll be itching to pull the seats I'm sure. What power does it make on the e vs. the C85, ever consider FTW ? Are you running it out with the 3.73 gear ? Stock axles...that's insane !!!

Alot of questions I know...picked up the Camaro6 almost 2 years ago and I am loving the direct injected LT1. Ran 10.98 @124 NA with light bolt ons. The bug is biting and looking to up my game next year.
Yes, 3.73 rear axle, there are no aftermarket ratios for the rear. I don't have the exact dyno numbers for the new engine for different tunes, but I do have them for the stock engine. Previous dyno numbers for the LSA with an LS9 cam, stock heads unported , stock blower unported, 102 throttle, headers, pulley.

So 6.2, stock compression , mods above made 621 rwhp on 91 @ 17 degrees timing, about 14 pounds of boost.
With E85 and 23 degrees race tune made 698 rwhp.
With C85 and 23 degrees race tune made 743 rwhp.
C85 and a 70 shot of Nitrous made 892 rwhp.
Made one pass on nitrous, but had a bent pushrod, so on 7 cylinders it went 10.43 @ 136.

This was the first pass on the Mickey Thompson Street R 305-45-17. 28" tall. I had Hoosier 315-35-17 before, only 25.6" tall, but after switching to the lower gears in the 6-speed (1st gear from 2.66 to 3.02, 2nd gear from 1.78 to 2.10, and 3rd gear from 1.30 to 1.46) I needed a taller tire to get through the 8th before running out of 3rd gear. With the 28" tall I can go 157 in 4th at 7,000 rpm, so plenty of room for the 1/4 mile. The MT Street R dead hook! I tried 3,000 rpm, huge bog, 4,000 rpm again huge bog, 5,000 rpm some spin but had a 1.53 60'. The pass on video was about 4,500, you can hear the bog, only 1.66 60', so there is room to improve. I will be calling RPM (transmission builders who did the gear change) and ask them if there is anything that can improve the power shifting.

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