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Originally Posted by VENOMOUS1 RACING View Post
Attachment 59166I'm here/back. I sent the forum owner a message but it's gets read and handled by ViperJeff. Apparently he modifies posts to suit his liking and when I decided to revoke my vendorship here over a year ago, he started a "let's bash V1R and promote jvstp and parts counter Andy. Messaging my customers and new members and various members here and talking bad about me and recommending them. That's pretty sheisty. These new members/customers contact me relaying the words out of their mouth and we laugh it off.
I've been a member of this forum many, many years and never been banned nor from any other forum! I sent Jeff a PM voicing my opinion with some cussing I'm sure and his feelings got hurt so he banned me. Simple as that.

Until next time, I'm back

I'll leave it to the members to decide the fact and fiction in Scott's post as I have no interest in kool-aide wars
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