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Chirp squeal on start up until warm

Hello And happy new years to everyone I'm wondering if anyone has ran into this issue truck had about 103,000 miles just putting that out there but been chasing down this chirp for awhile it's only on start up until the truck warms up then it's gone for the rest of the day. Ok had a alternator issue changed that out still chirp until engine is warmed up tensioner pulley rattle changed whole assembly mopar parts still chirps ' idler pulley changed that out as well still chirps until warm brand new Goodyear gator belt cleaned all pulleys while belt was off the truck twice to make sure still chirps until warm now here is the weird part power steering pulley if I shoot a quick stream of pb blaster right smack in the middle before start up it does not chirp or if I even start it up and spray it on power steering pulley it stops chirping once I spray but I'm confused and annoyed there are no bearings in this pulley .And almost forgot last year when the power steering line fitting went bad I drove the truck with little fluid back to my house a mile away it's done this chirping thing ever since then off and on . Thanks for any input or advice in advance people .
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