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Trainman will run the truck tomorrow.

Spankin Time Motorsports is having a private event at Famoso Drag Strip tomorrow, saturday Jan. 27. Gates open at 8am, racing from 10am til 5pm. It is limited to 100 vehicles, event is full but you can come out and watch, should be very interesting. I am taking the 6-speed manual CTSV and the SRT-10 Ram. The ram feels good, suspension has been adjusted, MS 109 fuel is ready. Going for the top 10 list with my NA monster. Shooting for number 3 ( I have to beat 10.73 @ 125).

There will be 7 other CTSV's, 14 Hellcat Chargers, 6 Hellcat Challengers, and 1 Demon Challenger. Also 4 other trucks, 1 Lightning, 1 supercharged 14 Ram, and 2 Silverado's , 6 vettes (1 of my buddies runs in the 8's) , at least 24 mustangs, 3 SRT8 Jeeps, 4 novas, 8 camaros , 2 Audis, 1 BMW and a GTR.

Hoping for good luck.........
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