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Originally Posted by NVR2OLD View Post
I figure Jerry has spent a little over $6,000 dollars per mile and hour over his old motor and truck to present, 118 mph to 127 mph. Damn it cost a lot of money to go fast.
Huh...$54,000......Nope, no where near that, I got lots of help from the builders and development of new ideas, so , it was a lot, but probably less than 1/2 of your estimate....I'm old, retired and have the it's fun for me!

Probably the Fastest NA SRT-10 on the planet in the 1/4 mile, pretty sure that ET is the best also....but that is going to go much lower with practice, once I get the 60' down in the 1.5 range I should be knocking on the high 10's for ET
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