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I prefer the 15/50m1 and proved it over 155,000 miles of daily driving, hundreds of track passes, and daily driving duties in Texas where weather ranges from teens to 110. The weight helps keep
The fast bleed lifters from bleeding down so fast and in turn makes a quieter slightly more powerful engine. The main Reason though is years ago I studied oil compositions and additive the packs between major brands and found the 15/50 Mobil1 had much more zinc ppm than any other weight or brand. Long term
Use in my own and customers engines show a extremely clean engine, bearings and most importantly 13 year old 100k + Mile engines are still showing crosshatch on cylinder walls!!!! Other oils leave bearing charred and razor thin, cylinder walls that look like chrome, and cam journals that are shot, as well as Dying the internal parts and casing with whatever crap dyes they add.
So basically, 10 years as an owner/racer/shop owner I've seen a lot and the common thing I see most is clean, salvageable 100k Mile plus engines thatve been run on M1 15/50 majority of their life, while other brands leave issues inside. I have several cams that are shot due to oiling as well as a piston,rod/bearing wall of Shame from other oils.
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