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Originally Posted by RagunCajun View Post
1.) You know it's a lightning. You know it's supercharged. You can easily hear it.

2.) What does a in cab shifting video(from 2013 at that) have to do with this thread
Sorry, I had no idea that was a Lightning, and I thought you were in an SRT-10, with a manual, and the video I played from your posting was an in cab video that looked like you were I showed you my shifting, pretty close to the same sound. I was complementing your truck, and I thought you had added a supercharger to your SRT-10. Funny, in 2003-2004 I looked for a good deal on a Lightning, but could not find anybody to convert it to a 6-speed manual, then Dodge announced the SRT-10.....thus I ended up with my red SRT-10. I meant nothing bad.....again I thought you were shifting an SRT-10 to an 11.1 @ 124 mph. The reason my video is from 2013 as it was only one of two videos I have inside the SRT-10 ...and that was the latest one.

Just went back and watched the video again, then saw some follow up videos and saw it was a red Lightning, very cool....and now I remember that you had a lightning with a 6-speed manual conversion....sorry i forgot, I hadn't seen you on here in a long time, and I am senior moment. Again , very cool lightning....too bad we are not closer, we could have a match race for the fans.

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