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Originally Posted by Trainman View Post
I agree with your advice, I tried to get the guy who built the new suspension, and he did come over to the house for a preliminary set up, but unfortunately he wasn't able to be at the track, hopefully next time he will be there. Thanks again, and I really like your truck, it's what I tried to do in 2003, but I wasn't able to find anyone to convert a Lightning, mainly because guys were afraid of our California smog laws, no one wanted to mess with the computer.
Maybe go talk to some guys at the track. Suspension is suspension. I'm sure someone doesnt mind videoing you with your phone then giving you advice.

Hell, you can even video runs and go post on the yellow bullet forum asking for advice. Yellow bullet is king for setting up suspension. Typical specific car forums (lightning rodder, vtcoa etc) doesnt know their behind from a hole in the ground when it comes to suspension. It's more monkey see, monkey do stuff. I am guilty of that myself, but im waking up. Hell, we got guys in the L scene do this or that because the quickest trucks do it so it must be the best. Very irritating reading that on the L/HD forums. Then you have vendors trying to make a sale then their nut swingers being bias. Well, let me stop ranting.... My point is dont give up and ask people outside the internet to help you. Youll get your goal!
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