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Originally Posted by ViperPete View Post
Respectfully I disagree.

You ever see the K&N display at an auto parts store that has the filter and a ping pong ball thing? Put a stock cloth filter over it and the ball goes to the bottom. Put the K&N and the all goes to the top.

K&N filters at least flow better.
There is a pretty long running debate right now on the Viper forum about the K&N filter. A guy recently had his car dynoed with a stock filter and the K&N and picked up 10whp with a back to back dyno.

The K&N intake has a bigger tube and no ripples. Also a much larger surface area. The heat shield works. It does a great job keeping the heat away from the filter.
I will agree that the K&N filer media is hands down an improvement in flow. I run a drop in in my stock set up. It has been stated here that it is worth something like 5-8 h.p. in the stock air box. Where I begin to challenge the CAI kits is in overall improvement in CFM flow and intake temperature. The K&N tube and filter may be larger in dia and area. Question is, is it necessary? The OEM intake tube from the HUGE airbox has an inside dia. of 105 mm. It is around 8,659 mm in area. The stock TB has a total of 6,636 mm in area. So the tube has more than enough volume capacity to feed the engine. Even the BBK 67 mm TB that produces decent gains though out the RPM range has a total area of 7,051 mm. Again, the OEM tube is more than big enough to feed the TB and Engine without even addressing velocity. The flex ribs or "ripples" as you call em' do not protrude into the air stream. They do not mirror what you see on the outside of the tube. The individual grooves are so shallow that they have little effect on laminar flow. Take a look sometime, it's actually made quite well. Finally, all the CAI heat shields I've seen do not seal off the engine bay air as effectively as the OEM drawing from the inner fender. With the grill block off scoop in place, more than enough outside ambient air is being fed into the fender for the engine to draw its 745 CFM* from. *(6K RPM at .85 VE)

So basically, the OEM CAI is more than sufficient and can draw cooler air. I typically see about 6 degrees over ambient under all conditions with thorough heat soak when rolling.

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