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I purchased my 06 MG QC last year in July (stock except for K&N CAI) and have been crawling around the forum soaking up information to learn about the special animal that is the 10. Vehicle performance and customization is a major hobby of mine so I like to research and be informed so I can customize and repair my vehicles.
My other baby is an 09 Ponitac G8 GT that I have owned since new and have been upgrading and customizing for the past 8 years; I commonly take it to car shows and do some track and street racing during the summer time. After 8+ years of researching and modding it I have become an expert on that vehicle/platform (most of my vehicles have been GM) and I enjoy helping guide other owners on their repair and upgrade modification journey. Hopefully I will eventually be able to contribute similarly within the 10 community.
Since the 10 is my second limited production vehicle I knew that I would run into many of the same limited parts and upgrade options issues but I enjoy the challenge which is just part of having something rare and unique; because the rubber necking and Smiles Per Gallon are priceless! 😎

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