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Catch-cans do seem to take a bit of dialing in.

Since installing mine:
There is no more oil collecting in the O.E.M. accordion intake pleats nor throttle body.
That low-octane oil-mist doesn't get burned by the engine and can't set off the knock sensors prematurely.
My cats stay nice and clean.
The oil doesn't stink as much during an oil change so (potentially) less contamination from combustion by-products between oil changes.
No smell in the cab or under the hood.
2005 QC N.A.
624 Wheel HP x 1.27 = 800-'ish flywheel (?)
Fully-Built 11:1 Pump-Gas
15.0 L/100 km. or 15.68 U.S. Miles Per Gallon
5600 pounds
[email protected] MPH in "D" for Drive

No Power Adders
Full B&B Exhaust with (4) Cats
Unported Street-Striker Heads w Custom Roller
Unported O.E.M. Intake Manifold
FSTJACK Hand-Ported TB
MONSTER R/X Dual-Vacuum Catch-Can
A fully-built 48RE transmission that actually keeps working!
Tuned by Maestro Chris Jensen

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