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Originally Posted by trussman View Post
I've got a couple hundred hours on it since then. I wonder what causes the issue really with the generics some of the time. Maybe the company I got mine from actually knows what they're doing.
Who knows, it could be the people installing them. The biggest thing ive found is they just are a pita to remove. I would always look at the brand/type as soon as i was fighting one. Either the clutch would pull away from the bearing leaving just IT on the crank. Or the bearing would come apart and leave the race on the crank. If they come off easy then you get nervous. Thats when you see the top bearing spun on the crank snout... Just dosent happen with an oem Warner or Ogura.

The extreme is the better of the 2-3 ive seen. I cant member the names off hand as i dont work on mowers much anymore.

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