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06 QC Night Runner checking in from Wisconsin~!

Hello all,
Been lurking since I first started to consider this truck a couple months ago.
I have learned a lot so far thanks!

Trying to keep it as stock as possible.. minus a tune by Torrie. Its my family hauler so have to keep it tame for the moment.

It does have what I can tell is the Borla exhaust with resonators cut out?
Anyone have the clean stock cat back?
And a Volant air intake which I plan on removing for a stock air box with K&N.

It has 55K on it and I have the dreaded PS line leaking so I have a set of SS lines coming and going to have them installed asap!

Did the first oil change and with 10qts only about a quarter in the "Safe" area on the dis stick?>

With that mileage any other maintenance I should do?

Thanks all!
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