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Originally Posted by rottenronnie View Post
Make sure your dipstick tube is fully seated into the block.
It helps to spin the "T" handle around on the dipstick a couple of times before you pull it out to get a proper reading, as they can be notoriously hard to read.

Mine does not spin? It is very tight and seems to want to twist with the handle lettering either topsy or turvy not spin 360 if that makes sense.

Some SRT-10s had the wrong info for oil capacity and were a couple of quarts/liters over full if you went by the factory info.

8.5 Liters/US quarts is FULL on these trucks.

Just ask Oldcolt (on this forum), and others.

If you have 10 in there, drain some out (seriously).
Your oil filter will still be full, so once you know you have 8.5 in it, remark your dipstick if you are able. It doesn't sound like you can that's why I suggested you check to make sure it is fully seated in the block. Something strange there if you have 10 qts and are only in the Safe Zone. Hmmmmm...
I have ensure the dipstick is fully seated as far as pushing it down it seems firm. I can jack it up and get a close look from the bottom later

Tune on a QC is a must. Huge jump in torque. Ask Torrie to extend your 3-4 shift point while he is building you a tune. These trucks short-shift on the factory programming and it really loads the engine at the wrong time.
I will go to his web site unleashed and when I order I request that or is it part of the tune loaded on the SCT?

Drop-In K&N = best way to go, I think.

A GOOD quality cat-back exhaust is a great place to start.
Names you like?

Change plugs if that hasn't been done for a while.
Done at 50K

Change the coolant (even if it looks clean). This is important and is often overlooked.
Will Do
Get a turkey baster and (carefully) take out enough brake fluid to take it down to MIN or slightly below, then fill it up with new stuff from Mopar.
That's what some brake shops will do when you pay for "brake bleeding". It works and replaces the vast majority of the fluid anyway.
Will Do
Have fun!
Thanks for the input Ronnie!
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