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Those dipsticks are just a flexible coiled wire (not flat like the old ones) so it should easily spin around. Maybe go and find yourself one from a 5.7 Hemi and start from there.

No, the tunes are custom and would come from Torrie or MAYBE a couple of other guys on this planet.

I'm partial to B&B exhausts. Some argue they are pricey but I've had mine for 12+ years and (I think) you get what you pay for when it comes to exhaust systems.

B&B has a deep/unique sound and they don't drone when cruising nor pop when you let off.

But I don't know what you like.
There are some wickedly-fast vehicles out there with full exhaust systems.

For example, I wouldn't enjoy my truck (at all) without cats and I don't like loud exhaust systems on really, anything.

Well...except top-fuellers!
2005 QC N.A.
624 Wheel HP x 1.27 = 800-'ish flywheel (?)
Fully-Built 11:1 Pump-Gas
15.0 L/100 km. or 15.68 U.S. Miles Per Gallon
5600 pounds
[email protected] MPH in "D" for Drive

No Power Adders
Full B&B Exhaust with (4) Cats
Unported Street-Striker Heads w Custom Roller
Unported O.E.M. Intake Manifold
FSTJACK Hand-Ported TB
MONSTER R/X Dual-Vacuum Catch-Can
A fully-built 48RE transmission that actually keeps working!
Tuned by Maestro Chris Jensen

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