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The Supertank Update

I was lucky enough to purchase the Supertank from Tidnab (Ryan) today with the help of Cherry Performance and Trainman.

The truck has been idle for a few years due to a mechanical issue with the engine.

Kevin Singleton from Exotic Engine Development will be restoring the engine back to normal. Chris Jensen will tune the truck after the truck is mechanically sound. Dan Cragin at Specialty Performance (formerly DC Performance) who built the truck will help in putting the Supertank back to the track where it belongs.

Cherry Performance was instrumental in the purchase and will be sponsoring the Supertank with a few modifications to be announced later.

I'm going to ask Justin at JMB Performance to help on a few modifications as well.

Bill at Hickok Race Cars will be doing the roll cage and suspension work.

The truck will take a year or two to complete but its on its way back to the track.

I'm super exited to own the Supertank and feel like a kid in the candy store.

Special thanks to Ryan (Tidnab), Jerry (Trainman) and Ron (Cherry Performance) to make this happen today.

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