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Originally Posted by 06venom View Post
New Fully Built Motor for sale.

Fully built new long block for sale. Custom JTSVP cam for boost, JTSVP fully ported heads, Program billet mains, ARP head studs, the works. Good for 1,000+ RWHP easy. You can't build your motor like this for this price. The heads alone cost 4k. No core needed back so you can keep and sell your motor to bring price down. The build would cost more than 15k not counting the original price of the motor. Program billet mains, ARP hardware, Mulnar rods, CP pistons, Clevite bearings, 05/06 block 9.2 compression, PSI springs, Trend push rods. Asking $15k pickup or shipping will be on buyer. Still wrapped in plastic.

Got one just like it from Tony Mines in the truck with 1800 miles on it. They come back better than they ever were stock. If I had a spare $15k mate I would buy it just to have it.. Good luck with sale.


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