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How do you know you need a crank? I just went through this with mine. You will need a new 2004 bolt if your an 05 with the silver 3inchish bolt. There are two sizes, my 05 required the old bolt and new balancer from dodge. Balancer I believe was $180ish. Red loctite to new balancer to 150lb, book says 130ftlb. If a new balancer can be pressed on I think you might be alright. Some other folks have gone through the same thing and I've only read of one maybe two people legitimately in need of a new crank. This is just my experience hopefully others will chime in. My old balancer was kinked to the side for who knows how long. Crankshaft snout is a much harder metal than the balancer so there is a chance of the balancer taking most of the damage. From TX-good luck.
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