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Overhead console accessory power problem

Hey everyone,

I've been running power to my valentine 1 radar detector from the accessory outlets in the overhead console for 10yrs. These outlets look like a phone jack or LAN cable connection. Sent the V1 in for repairs and once I got it back, remounted it and connected it back to the power cord but up won't power up. I plugged in the coiled cord that the V1 came with into these accessory ports and no power either. I doubt this cord is bad since I've never used it ever; I've always used the short power cord that came with the unit originally and never had a problem. I plan on calling Valentine tomorrow to see what they actually fixed but I doubt they would send me my unit back not working.
What can I use to test these accessory outlets to check that there is power going to them?
I'm also looking to see if anyone has a V1 cigarette adapter they aren't using to power the unit in the mean time. Thanks in advance.
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