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Originally Posted by Kevan
Ya know, you don't see that phrase very often.

I was thinking the same thing Kevan...kind of like saying when "Angelina Jolie finished, and got out from between my legs"...

Opps, sorry that just kinda slipped out...

Roe Racing TSTM SC, w/Water Meth injection; Roe TB; Westech custom exhaust. Forged w/Diamond Pistons, Oliver Rods, everything Nitride coated, polished and balanced. Stinker Rear End with DTS 4:56 Detroit Locker, Cyroed gears, 35 Spline Strange Axles, Wilwood calipers and rotors, Caltracs. Sponsored by generous spouse, and Tuned by "The Viper Whisperer" Sean Roe.

John Edwards built my engine, as well as Ram From Hells' and TinyGiants'. Shouldn't he build yours?
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