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The kit is a universal Nitrous Express kit, I think its called a universal import/domestic kit, I bought the kit for an Eclipse show car we built that had custom turbo etc blah blah...the kit was installed, never used. The car like most I help build was a trailer queen that once it was finished touring was crushed.
The kit uses NX's Shark nozzle set up, basically, wet system that sprays mixture of NO2 and Fuel thru the shark nozzle into the intake (somewhere between the filter and throttle body), nozzle needs to be plumed into the intake. The HP level of spray is adjusted by which jet is installed in the nozzle. The kit is complete with jets, all solenoids (Fuel and NO2), stainless lines, bottle (which like I said is full, only for local I'll have to empty to ship), bottle mounting hardware and some extras which include the purge solenoid, push button trigger for purge and oil filled PSI gauge for bottle.
It is NOT a direct port kit, but the basics of a NO2 kit are the same parts so it could be used to start a direct port kit and you would need to purchase the extra parts required if you wanted to convert it to direct port.
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