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Still need these
JMB Performance and Powdercoat, LLC

We Build Worlds Highest HP SRT-10 Rams and more:
-Dom's Twin Turbo, Baddest Ram SRT-10. 7.97/183 and just getting started...
-Eric's SC F1X: 1077whp race/967whp pump
-RamfromHell's SC F2: 921whp pump
-700hpOdyssey's SC F1C: 950whp pump
-Braedon's SC F1C serpentine: 831whp 91 octane
-Anthony's SC F1C Serpentine low boost 786whp pump
-John's SC QC F1C Stock Longblock 626whp pump
-JMB's N20: 640whp pump (Fastest/Quickest stock motor/weight N20 only 11.30/119.7)
-Kurt's NA Cam/Bolt-ons Viper: 543whp/540wtq SAE
-James NA Cam/Bolt-ons Viper: 544whp/553wtq SAE
-Mikes TT 06 Viper: 1200+whp, 187mph Standing 1/2 mile
-Doms 98 JMB Procharged Viper: 869whp/859wtq pump
-Garys 04 SRT4: 640whp
-Kyles 05 SRT4: 571whp on 24 psi/91 octane
-Michaels 05 SRT4: 580whp on pump
-Logans 05 SRT4: 724whp on E85

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