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MENACE_VT 05-18-2017 09:17 PM

Wheel bearing help
Hey guys, is there a difference between a 2005 front wheel bearing and 2006? Right front went bad on me and I ordered a cheap one online. Got it today and it just falls into the spindle (doesn't fit snug) so I went to the parts store and bought a expensive moog wheel bearing thinking the cheap one was made wrong. but had the same issue with the moog. Was wondering if 2006 are bigger? Why I ask that is because I remember reading somewhere about 2006 spindles were different so you had to buy both.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Going on a parts hunt tomorrow

Wildcard 05-18-2017 10:46 PM

I have a brand new set for 05 in my truck. Got mine replaced under warranty. Was going to send them back, but if you want me to send them your way let me know. $150 plus shipping for the set new abs lines included.

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