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Performance Mods

84RE Advice - Transmission Intercooler

This is a discussion on 84RE Advice - Transmission Intercooler within the Performance Mods forums, part of the Viper Truck SRT-10 Discussion category!
Hello All, Sorry for the long first post. I am a UK based SRT10 QC owner. I have finally joined ...

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Old 11-28-2017, 06:41 PM
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84RE Advice - Transmission Intercooler

Hello All,

Sorry for the long first post.

I am a UK based SRT10 QC owner. I have finally joined the club after many years of wanting to own a Ram, timing and the right example never came at the right time until now.

I have had her only a few weeks and unfortunately already got an issue with the transmission, which I hope some of you could help me with some advice.

It has the 84RE Automatic transmission. It came with a bill for a complete rebuild of the transmission 20,000 miles ago by a reputable specialist. This included upgraded control valve, and a larger transmission oil sump.

The day after I bought it, I noticed it wasn't changing gears too great. When I put my foot down it would change up, then immediately down - it didn't seem to like accelerating and was unsure of what gear to be in. I put it down to the characteristic of the truck as I was new to it.

Then a couple of days later on setting the cruise control and going up a slight hill, it changed up / down / then up in the gears within 1-2 seconds like it was unsure what to do. It triggered the EML light and limped home in 2nd gear. On restarting the engine it drove fine but the EML llight stayed on.

I checked the fault code and it stated - P1763 Pressure control sensor (Gearbox) - signal too high.

I had a little read into this and ordered a new upgraded control valve for the gearbox, plus Borg Warner solenoid and transducer.

I continued to use the vehicle daily until the parts were due to arrive from the US in December.

The only issue I could see was from cold whilst going up hill she would not like to change from 2nd / 3rd gear. It would have to be encouraged by slowly touching the accelerator and encouraging it in.

On driving around the gearbox temp always sat on 175-180 degree farenheit and I remember went up to 200 on the motorway journey home when I bought it. Are these normal temperatures or was she running too hot? As I am unsure of what was normal operating temps.

Apart from some dodgy gear changes and holding in 2nd in the morning starts I managed to drive it until the other morning.

About half a mile from leaving the house going up hill the truck lost drive and was just revving up like it was stuck in neutral. It was a really bad set of roads with blind corners etc. Luckily she engaged reverse and I got her off the road. All gears were then lost. I had her recovered back to my house.

When cold it started up and did move only a few feet in gear until losing drive again.I think that the clutches have been worn out somehow. I am now in the situation where I am pulling the transmission out this week and sending it to a specialist to be rebuilt. The transmission fluid was full and of a nice red colour before, however it now smells burnt.

They stated that it isn't unusual for these boxes to only last 20k miles due to the power the SRT10 puts out. I am hoping to keep this truck (as I've wanted one for about 10 years) so want to do as much preventative measures to stop this occuring again in the near future.

The advice I am looking for is; what performance upgrades can I do to ensure the transmission lasts longer. Higher performance clutches? What are the pros and cons of installing more heavy duty clutches?

The specialist also recommended an additional transmission intercooler to stop the box from overheating. Any recommendations for one of these intercoolers? How difficult are they to insall?

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to get her repaired asap as I am missing her greatly just sat there looking sorry for herself on the drive - espcially only 10 days after buying her.

Many thanks

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Old 11-30-2017, 10:50 PM
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Sounds like a solenoid?? Even new ones can be faulty


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Old 11-30-2017, 11:34 PM
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Sorry to hear man. I bought my truck and 3 days later tranny was toast. Total rebuild. I upgraded the bands since they are a wear item and upgraded some other parts cost me 3k. Few months later I lost 2nd gear had it fixed for free. Few months later lost 2nd again so the upgraded the 2nd gear band for free. No issues since but now if I floor it it will go thru all the gears but will not shift into 4th without letting off the gas. The shop that did the work is a great shop and has always stuck by there warranty. I have heard guys having no issues with there tranny but I have had a few and not sure why and the shop doesn't know why I kept losing 2nd. Prob doesn't help you but I feel your pain. I think the stock cooler is fine only other thing is to have them flush it all where they run hot tranny fluid thru your system to clean out your cooler. Or just replace your cooler might be cheaper.
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Old 12-02-2017, 05:51 AM
You got a Hemi?
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Thanks for the replies.

The WelshM, are you originally from Wales, UK? As I can see the Welsh dragon on your profile. As that's where I am based - South West Wales

I've had the gearbox out yesterday - the oil has gone very smelly and when we undone one of the sensors plugged into the box - oil came pouring out - so I'm guessing it's toast.

It's currently on it's way to the transmission rebuilder. I guess I'll know the damage once he's stripped the box apart.

As you have experienced, I've read of others having re-occuring problems with their boxes. As this one had a rebuild 20k miles ago, if it lasted that long again I would be happy enough....but if it was only a few months again I would be disappointed. Even though the box builder gives 12 months warranty it's the hassle of getting it out and sent to them, as the SRT10 is my daily drive.
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Old 12-02-2017, 03:00 PM
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Location: yelm WA
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Mine has a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty its my dd as well I have a trailer so I trailer the truck to them. But sill is a pain in the butt
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