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  1. Fly Democrat Airlines
  2. Hurricanes and so called natural disaters
  3. Happy Independence Day
  4. Busted 1-21-2017
  5. Obama got arrested today
  6. What a loser
  7. Cop Killers
  8. A message from the Queen of England to the USA
  9. France vs Texas response
  10. Texas Dad on trial accused of killing drunk driver
  11. 100 illegals found in Houston home
  12. NYC schools to close for Muslim holidays
  13. Eerie sounds heard at the World Trade Center
  14. Health care exchange problems
  15. This is major offensive
  16. Evil young white alcoholics
  17. Justice Dept won't challenge new pot laws
  18. San Diego mayor
  19. Pelosi doesn't like the Weiner
  20. City of Detroit files bankruptcy
  21. Did Reagan call it years ago
  22. Nine year old Ferrari driver
  23. History Channel and the new Satan
  24. Homeland Security Department and our taxes
  25. Jesse Jackson Jr.
  26. Pissed off lettter
  27. What no more drunken sailors???
  28. McDonald pays lawsuit over a sandwich
  29. 12-21-12 What happened ?
  30. Science or Religion?
  31. OBAMA , OBAMA , OBAMA, " Chanting"
  33. What U Think of Romney Ryan ticket?
  34. If I don't have something nice to say I usually don't say anything but.....
  35. Ridiculous
  36. 2012 London Olympics
  37. the truth about mormons....
  38. George at his best!
  39. obama hates Israel, no duh.
  40. Lawyer: Gadhafi family to file war crimes complaint against NATO - CNN.com*
  41. Obama is coming to San Diego
  42. disable your Onstar, obama is watching.
  43. A Brief History
  44. Iowa debate and Ames Straw Poll
  45. Was Jesus Liberal or Conservative?
  47. FL. Gov. Rick Scott is an IDIOT!!!!
  48. Why "off topic"
  49. Buying crap from china
  50. "I'm 63 and Im Tired"
  51. How to solve the country's debt issue..
  52. Building a Fence in the Border in Arizona...
  53. Send Obama and Lawmakers a Message - Your Access to Credit has been PRE-DECLINED
  54. Gods love.
  55. mitt romney
  56. Creation, c&p
  57. UN backs gay rights for first time ever
  58. HA HA Weiner admits its his weiner
  59. Obama - Lying SOB
  60. Swinging Doors
  61. Ready to Die on May 21st, 2011?
  62. Warning *** Please read this ***
  63. Something to consider...
  64. The religion of peace...
  65. Very interesting information..
  66. Wolverines!!
  67. YEEE HAWWWW...Pakistan stock market is crashing...
  68. Obama says NO PHOTO!!
  69. For the believers...
  70. Nuge for president 2012...
  72. Gubmint and how da Gubmint Works
  73. Birth certificate is doctored...
  74. This guy rocks!!
  75. God bless the families who were affected by Tornadoes
  76. Check this out
  77. Good Friday ?
  78. Biden takes a nap
  79. Jimmy Carter
  80. You oil rig guys...
  81. Libya
  82. Iphone ignorance is bliss?
  83. Hydrogen BS
  84. Wisconsin, lol
  85. Egypt..
  86. Death Panels...
  87. What is Socialism ?
  88. Teachers
  89. The Law
  90. State of the Union...
  91. the pontiff is coming to my town!
  93. who's acting?
  94. another Christian nut job!
  95. With all due respect...Is it wise to be atheist???
  96. AZ gunman.
  98. I have solved health care.
  99. Missouri Man Allegedly Admits to 500 Instances of Child Rape and Molestation
  100. Christmas Gift
  101. Walmart reinstated Merry Christmas Greetings...
  102. does anyone here still believe?
  103. Even the Chinese say Merry Christmas...
  104. "Don't ask, don't tell" policy repealed.
  105. how to molest children, free and clear.
  106. Funny political cartoons
  107. Lindsey Graham
  108. U.S. Teens Lag as China Soars on International Test
  109. NASA, crys for help, attention.
  110. north korea, bombs south.
  111. Nebraska vs Texas AM
  112. Vets treated badly on Veterans Day no less
  113. TSA airport screening policies. WTF?!?!
  114. My educational dairy farm visit, and the trouble we are in.
  115. For my brother, Roy:
  116. my first vote.
  117. Creation thread.
  118. Tea Party??
  119. New Disease Gonorrhea Lectim
  120. Creed
  121. "Born Gay" or not...
  122. Slow day at the (oval) office.
  123. Florida Republican denies he's connected to motorcycle gang
  124. 2010 Viper ACR is now the "TEA PARTY PACE CAR"
  125. Just ridiculous
  126. A sign???
  127. Letting a house burn down?
  128. Finally, Republicans dig up someone better than Palin for 2012..
  129. Bi-partisanship
  130. Rick Sanchez fired from CNN...
  131. Well.... it's a start...
  132. House OKs small biz jobs bill
  133. Online Petition
  134. don't ask don't tell
  135. Feminisn according the Angry Harry...lol
  136. Another reason I believe in Death Penalty...
  137. Pastor to be billed for expressing his views...
  138. Dhimmitude???
  139. Interesting Explanation of Obama
  140. Nobama. Short video
  141. Happy New Year!!!
  142. Quran burning event....
  143. 99 lashes for woman to be stoned...
  144. Some good news from Afghanistan
  145. "God didn't create the Universe"..As per S. Hawkins
  146. Calif. lawmakers pass bill to quiet motorcycles
  147. Blair's opinion on Pres. Bush...
  148. Obama's Presidential address
  149. Iran starts to fuel up first nuclear power plant
  150. Troops: Skipping Christian concert got us punished
  151. Tim Lee for TN-55
  152. How about that Dr. Laura?
  153. 24% of Americans Think O'Bummer is a Muslim
  154. This made me laugh
  155. A Patently obvious way to add jobs
  156. Mosque controversy
  157. Texas officials making stuff up as they go???
  158. Its about Time
  159. Happy Sunday to you....
  160. FBI to Wikipedia: Remove our seal
  161. GOP senators list what they say are the 100 worst stimulus projects
  162. Picks for 2012- who would you support?
  163. I Like Weiner...Congressman Weiner that is...
  164. Crazy
  165. Ground Zero Perspective
  166. One Thing That Bothers Me
  167. 4th amendment?
  168. Obama vs BP
  169. Obama is a Pussy: A Tail of a Jellyfish
  170. AMW
  171. How to beat fascist pig at his own game.
  172. Another dumb campaign promise
  173. A real eye opener
  174. Temecula mandates E-Verify use
  175. Obama announces changes for vets with post-traumatic stress
  176. Arizona sheriff under investigation for alleged abuse of power
  177. US Justice Department to review BART shooting
  178. Deal struck on Native Hawaiian recognition
  179. NASA's next foremost mission.. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?
  180. Suspected Munich massacre mastermind dead, reports say
  181. California state employees to get minimum wage?
  182. Opinions on California proposition
  183. Army admits 'unimaginable, unacceptable wrongs' at Arlington Cemetery
  184. Sen Robert C. Byrd... dead at 92.
  185. Good Opinion on McChrystal resignation...
  186. BP Oil Spill-Trace Adkins(My Thoughts Exactly)
  187. Pelosi is getting worried...
  188. Wonder what the next pic looked like?
  189. Rand Paul
  190. A Funny Joke About Gov't
  191. Very Interesting!!!!1
  192. Are we still America
  193. Illegal to film police?
  194. The Pastors Son
  195. Some more great choices
  196. i'm calling bullshit....
  197. spending under obama
  198. Interactive Gulf Oil Spill Map
  199. Psalm 2010
  200. Damn highway patrol!!
  201. I don't know what to make of this, assination of American Citizens
  202. Illinois Senate candidate admits claim about military award was inaccurate
  203. Grandpas Response
  204. Mosque at WTC site approved by community board
  205. Income in the US
  207. BP Oil Spill
  208. next stop, north korea.
  209. Westboro to picket Ronnie James Dio memorial
  210. Conservatives say the Texas history curriculum unfairly skewed
  211. Texas man faked way into Army - Amazing!!!
  212. Veteran Ordered To Remove Flag From Outside Home
  213. YOUCUT... What do you want sliced from the budget?
  214. Obama ordered US troops not to fly US flag during Haiti rescue
  215. Woody Allen thinks Obama should be Dictator
  216. Obama wants $80 billion to upgrade nuclear weapons
  217. LA to Boycott Arizona
  218. You tell'em lady....:)
  219. Food and Nutrition Act 2008 and TARP
  220. What the heck???...North Korea toperdo the oil rig...
  221. College athlete loses on purpose in conference tournament.
  222. Kids kicked off school campus for wearing clothes with American flag on it.
  223. Facts on Immigration the media won't report.
  224. Good Read...I am starting to like Canadians...
  225. Video on origins of the new Arizona immigration law...
  226. Noas Ark Found ??
  227. This could be scary ==Guns in the hand of some of these people????
  228. Prof called the Michael Savage show last night.
  229. Puerto Rico.... 51st State???
  230. Attention PA republican voters
  231. Security Brief: Radical Islamic Web site takes on 'South Park'
  232. hilary clinton: your all extremists
  233. I cant find the dang link, so start a new one.
  234. How to know when your not wanted....
  235. Props to Arizona!!!!
  236. Disturbing video on Muslim Demographics
  237. another BS law, cant buy lightbulbs.
  238. "You Picked a Fine Time to Lead Us, Barack"
  239. The Economy...Lots of Ideas...What Are They?
  240. Half of Americans Pay NO Federal Taxes
  241. not doing any census. ever.
  242. the side the liberal want hidden.....
  243. Although it was 60 years ago
  244. Secretary of Defense is overstepping his authority...
  245. ROY
  246. Odd governmental purchase of the week award goes too:
  247. Senate Bill 3081
  248. Roy - did you see
  249. Glenn Beck...
  250. Free speech or not