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    POWERBRAKEBOB 6speedquadcab
    Still have the push rods?
    Have to stay busy lol.
  4. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Kiwi SRT10
    That dual exhaust is cool i bet those monaros got nothing on you lol. Welcome to the RBC
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  5. ViperJeff
    ViperJeff VIPR PWR
    You posted some totaled rides a few days ago I I can’t find the post
    1. VIPR PWR
      VIPR PWR
      You sure it was me Jeff lol. I don’t remeber posting about totaled trucks .. plus this might be the first time I’ve been on here I the last week
      Dec 21, 2019
    2. ViperJeff
      OK.... I'm not on very often either, maybe I was just seeing things wrong while using my phone. Seems nowdays I'm either working, sleeping, reading or working on the registry... LOL
      Dec 23, 2019
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  6. Kiwi SRT10
    Kiwi SRT10 ViperJeff
    Hey Jeff, I see on here near everyone runs under a username not their own.
    Could you change mine to "Kiwi SRT10" Thanks Kent
  7. Kiwi SRT10
    Kiwi SRT10 ViperJeff
    Apparently it was sold in TX and last record was at 4910 miles in 2005 before being purchased and shipped to NZ converted to RHD and been here ever since. It has 68000 miles on the clock. It is not an easy machine to fuel as Premium 95 RON is currently $2.41 a litre/liter
  8. Kiwi SRT10
    Kiwi SRT10
    Crazy Old Man behind the wheel
  9. Kiwi SRT10
    Kiwi SRT10
    2004 Volant Cold Air Box
  10. Kiwi SRT10
    Kiwi SRT10 ViperJeff
    Hi Jeff I have just purchased a SRT 10 in New Zealand and love it. May or may not be in your list of Vins Vin# 3D7HA16H14G170216 if that helps
    1. ViperJeff
      Dodge RAM SRT-10

      Not Registered

      2004 Build Number: #??? of 3057
      Build Date: 12/10/2003 5:00:00 PM
      2004 DODGE RAM 1500 REG. CAB PICKUP
      PX8A Black Clear Coat
      VIN: 3D7HA16H14G170216


      Pictures: No

      Equipment Listing
      VIN 3D7HA16H14G170216
      Vehicle Description 2004 DODGE RAM 1500 REG. CAB PICKUP
      Monotone Pa.... etc...
      Dec 16, 2019
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  11. Jeffrey F Maanao
    Jeffrey F Maanao ViperJeff
    HI Jeff, new to the forums and still learning to navigate. I would like to change my name on here and can't seem to find that option. ViperJeff is taken already unfortunately ;D Thanks in advance!
    1. ViperJeff
      There is no option to change, however, I can do it, what name do you want?
      Dec 14, 2019
  12. Srt10650
    No, I sold it.
  13. Tcorsrt10
    Tcorsrt10 Srt10650
    Hey there, do you still have the air box complete ???? Looking the the factory stock intake system 100% OEM bone stock ...
  14. Aussie Viper Truck
    Aussie Viper Truck viperhauler
    yes I am still in need of the sway bar.
    Could you please give/get a price for the items and shipping to Australia.
  15. viperhauler
    viperhauler Aussie Viper Truck
    I have the sway bar and hardware - I just saw this. Let me know if you still need them. I can ship internationally, as well. Thanks.
  16. James E Palmour III
    James E Palmour III
    The tilt steering wheel on my 2005 SR 10 broke and only remains in the up position. Does anybody have a fix?
  17. Aussie Viper Truck
    Aussie Viper Truck viperhauler
    Hi, I am Jason from Australia. I am looking for a front sway bar and all the mounting hardware for a 2004 RC srt 10
  18. Ramzoil
    Pondering conventional lifestyles as we know them...
  19. BILL505
    BILL505 Tincup
  20. Russell Richeson
    Russell Richeson
    Im still interested in getting dash plaque. Who do i talk to ? Viper Jeff ?