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  1. GotRidOfTheHemiForThis
  2. Steven Russop
    Steven Russop ViperJeff
    My name is Steve and I am the proud owner of the first, original dodge viper truck prototype. It was built and owned by the legendary Carol Shelby and I have the documents from Carroll Shelby Industries to prove my truck is the first and original Viper Truck. I own the truck that made this entire site possible! I'm looking to sell it. For more information.
    Please call me at 7724868780
    1. ViperJeff
      Can we start with the VIN
      May 22, 2019
  3. Frank Giuliani
    Frank Giuliani new drivers seat srt10 gray
  4. Juliosrt-10
    Juliosrt-10 fangs82
    Hey fangs82, I have a CE I would like to get the floor mats from u
    VIPR PWR Brat
    Earl,do you know where I can get the hood scoop insert. posted on the regular threads about it. Ican’t believe the prices for that cheap factory ones I’m finding.they will just break again.thing flew off yesterday and hit the windsheild.luckily the windshield didn’t break.It destryed the scoop .let me know if you have any ideas.would like to find something made of better material and won’t break.
    Tony . The scoop insert on my truck decided to fly away and broke into lots of pieces .. I know you have the factory one on your site .. I really can’t see spending that type of money on a plastic factory one that will only break again .. is there anyone you can get to make one out of aluminum, stainless or just steel that would hold up in the elements ..
  7. Sigma-Wildcat
    Sigma-Wildcat Kevan
    Hi Kevan, are you still part of the VTCOA. I want to install a Brake Line Lock kit on my 2006 RAM SRT-10. You had posted some instructions on instillation of this kit. the instructions are still there, but the pictures are gone. Send complete instructions with pictures. the pictures are worth a 1000 words. I would appreciate it. My email address is: [email protected]


  8. Tcorsrt10
    Tcorsrt10 ViperJeff
    Hello All,
    I just picked up a set of Gibson headers for truck, I currently have a gorgeous Borla exhaust system with factory cats in place that sounds amazing. Does anyone know how much louder or IF louder at all the truck will be.
    1. ViperJeff
      Sorry, can’t help. Maybe you should ask on the open forum
      Apr 7, 2019
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    2. Tcorsrt10
      Apr 7, 2019
    REPOMAN1 Bobby S
    7329216183 text me
    the format completely sucks for this forum..... We nees A new post button and how to sell???
  11. Al’s04
  12. C.K.
    I am interested in the JTSVP power steering ss line kit......100. Let me know how I can buy them from you.
  13. rottenronnie
    Supporting Member
  14. rottenronnie
    Supporting Member
  15. FarTooMuchhh
    FarTooMuchhh TrailMix
    Hello! I found your posts on the forum and was wondering how your TIPM fix has been holding up (assuming you still have the truck). I spoke with ASI yesterday and might be sending them my '06 QC to fix what seems to be TIPM problems. Just wondering if it's worth it or not...... Thanks! Mike
    1. TrailMix
      Give me a call my number is 6622796778 and my name is Frank
      Feb 14, 2019
  16. washbaer
    Alles wird gut :-)
  17. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Leo23
    Leo what country are you running the 10 from? Looks Sharp!!!!
  18. salties
    salties jimfed
    I have a black rc with 11000 miles , one owner
  19. Pastohio
    Pastohio New2srt10
    I Have a 2005 commemorative, perfect, 2500 miles, yes, 2500, all full equipment, ram tow hitch neatly done, ALSO back up sensors, also want to sell with the truck a 1998 Dodge viper GTS-R that matches the truck, white with blue stripes...most collectible group PLUS have an aluminum Featherlite trailer the viper rides on..Any interest...this is for a big player and wants the best...
  20. spydertt
    spydertt aziroc
    I will be selling my 05 QC 44K miles. Many options including custom NOS kit. 12.4 1/4. 2nd owner , clean carfax. Look at pics in My Garage. $29500.