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    SRT-10 Parts

    I have a friend here in Phoenix that has two Ram SRT-10's that are parted out, plus he has some misc. 10 parts. He would like to sale as many parts to as few people as possible. Arska2, what about you guys in Europe. Anyone interested let me know. Thanks
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    The new VTCoA traveling banner is here!!!!!

    Contact Andy Savakinas at Srt-10 on Facebook. He says he has it.
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    Fastest 10's

    Going from memory. 5 Fastest SRT-10 QC's: 1) Mike (nowwhat) - 10.73 2) Craig (srt10X3) - 10.88 3) Paul (Hilgee) - 10.9 4) Mike (1fast400) - 11.03 5) Rick (poolguy) - 11.56 Does that look about right for the top 5 QC's?
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    Fastest 10's

    Was talking to a guy today about the fastest 10's around. At one time we had a list of these guys & their times, but can't find it now. Can anyone help me out. PS I tried the Search Mode it couldn't find the list either. Thanks
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    Orange switch?

    What side of the truck is your steering wheel on, right or left? That might explain why the button is left of the wheel.
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    Spring cleaning

    Scott, how much do our stock wheels usually sold for. Each & in good condition, no rash?
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    Parting out truck list of parts for sale

    What about the stock wheels. Are they for sale?
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    Check it out!

    Interesting & different. I like having the SRT in it.
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    Newbie here, with lots of questions

    Our home page has all the suppliers that you will ever need for your new toy. Remember, buy, spend & purchase is the 10 motto. Hope you have deep pockets. Enjoy your 10.
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    Sunroof- factory or aftermarket

    Take your build sheet in with you.
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    Quad Cab Garage?

    I have a three car garage. The wife's ride takes up one space & my 10 takes up 2. I have to park kind of side ways to get it to fit. Good luck with yours.
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    Had to do it

    Hood looks really good & the price seems to be right. Trying to figure where the water is going to come in. Don't want it dumping on the battery or fuse box or air filter. Be interested to see it after it's been installed.
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    Thanks guys. A friend of mine has QA1's & trying to decide if he is going to stay with them or go to another brand. He has an '05 & it's lowered.
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    U.S. Army - 1964 - 1967
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    Any of you that have replaced your stock shocks with another brand, what brand did you select, why & how are they working out? Thanks