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    Brake light on dash coming on

    The break light issue can be scanned with an ABS code scanner..that might be a good spot to 06 SPORT model did it as well..but by the time I got a scanner that could read ABS I sold it
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    I want your stock parts!

    Have a bunch of his parts in my gerage still...any one need a break peddle assembly? Clutch set? 06 radio assembly with mirrior?? And some other stuff too much to remember off the top of my head
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    Air Intake {2005}

    If your still looking for an intake I think I have a K&N in the gerage ic your interested...let me know I'll pull it out and send you some pics
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    06 clutch assembly and flywheel

    Want to sell as a set..clutch goes for 575 on the sites
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    06 clutch assembly and flywheel

    Flywheel is listed as 03-06 Clutch is listed as 03-06 as well
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    06 clutch assembly and flywheel

    It was bought for an 06.. clutch p/n sd892 and flywheel is 194991 I'll see what I can find
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    06 clutch assembly and flywheel

    Let's see how well this one works...
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    06 clutch assembly and flywheel

    Stupid photobucket... Until I can find a better host site... it's the only pictures I have currently loaded.. 3rdganluder's Pictures, Photos & Images | Photobucket
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    06 clutch assembly and flywheel

    Hey everyone I have decided to start clearing out some of the parts my dad collected for his truck (theol55). He liked to buy parts that he figured he was going to need in the future so bunch of stuff laying around collecting dust. So to start it off.... Spec stage 2 clutch assembly and Fedenza...
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    Hey guys I just wanted to share with you because you guys were good people and he enjoyed being on the forums with you... My dad, Theol55 (Richard) passed away yesterday at around 530 AM California time... he succumbed to complications caused by kidney cancer.. He always looked to this site and...
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    WTB QC

    I know what you mean man...this is my dad's truck..i personally couldn't take it because it's a RC (wife and 2 kids)..hope whatever orders you get are good for you and your fam!
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    WTB QC

    if you are still considering a 06 RC I have's located in SO Cal with around 27k miles on the clock... lots of add ons pics on page 3 and can get more if needed
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    air bag recall

    I just did the driver bag in mine...she told me when she was checking me in that the pass bag was on recall too..."we can't do anything with it now though, no parts available" i'm betting my dad's RC is going to need them done too....ugh
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    Paint Issue

    under the clear?!?!?!? that sucks.. if it's the factory paint someone screwed up during manufactureing. what car is it (I see you have quite the list going)?