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    Who's out in California?

    What’s up everyone? It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. This is way more activity going on since everyone else moved to Facefook.
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    Can't Decide!!!! Auto or Manual Transmission!??!?!?!?

    The T56 on the QC is good fun and has plenty of power to haul anything you need. Having the ability to have your cake and eat it is nice to say the least.
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    WTB bumper reinforcement bar

    Checkout Cleveland PAP as well, they have some competitive prices and willing to deal at times whereas X2 isn’t plus their service has tanked over the years.
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    Hood Insert Removal? (vent/screen)

    If your didn’t come with the pushnuts use a some small needle nose pliers to gently pinch the push washer and just twist it out. Again do it slowly, and be patient. If you do it right, you should be able to reuse them.
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    Hood Insert Removal? (vent/screen)

    Those pushnuts can be thread off the plastic post. Use the right size socket (10mm I believe) and a fork trim tool That fits around the post and has enough surface area to push up on the nut. If you don’t have one of those use a small screw driver with a wide tip, it’ll be harder but can be...
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    Yes I do. Contact me at 4084396913.

    Yes I do. Contact me at 4084396913.
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    2006 6 speed quad cab

    Much love and money went into it that much I can say. The sale will include all the spare parts and goodies I still have for it that were never installed. First $22K takes it all.
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    2006 6 speed quad cab

    Bump. still available. Asking $22K.
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    heat treated pushrods

    Got a set of complete set of 3/8” chromoly heat treated pushrods 7.5” long from Roe Racing. Asking $100 shipped.
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    $15K CDN for an 05 with under 3K miles?

    If it’s too good to be true...
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    OEM bed cover

    Bump. make me an offer.
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    Full size spare 22” not the stock 20”

    Get yourself a 1/4 thick rubber sheet, cut it to shape, and epoxy it on to the hook so it doesn’t move. You can double it up for extra protection applying epoxy between the sheets for a a half inch of cushion...
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    New & used Roe Supercharger for sale

    Used supercharger sold. New one still available. Will include a JMB Roe SC CAI kit and a Mopar triple gauge pillar pod. $6K