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    done long live the queen
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    Seized Left Front Caliper

    good get rid of that junk.:p
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    Miss This Place

    if the shoe fits
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    Where to buy Factory Shift Boot and Knob

    I have a boot,pm me.
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    My new ride

    yeah it fits you.
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    Any old timers still here??

    Still here.
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    line lock / ABS module

    That's cute.
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    Prayers for caveman

    Get well soon my friend.
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    What is this hose?

    You are correct sir,looks like it came lose from the bottom of the bed where it mounts.
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    Stock Air Box or the rubber bushings

    I also have one.
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    Venomous Quad Cab

    If you don't mind me asking why are you selling that killer truck.
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    The new VTCoA traveling banner is here!!!!!

    Luke he is your fathers brothers friends landlord.:p:D
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    The new VTCoA traveling banner is here!!!!!

    Maybe he was disappointed in you.:D
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    Hey everybody! I bought another work truck!

    Went with a 06 this time,more pics please.