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    New truck. Need a shifter

    I have my stocker in a box. Depending on the shifter you have I would trade ya.
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    Baby Seat Accommodations

    They do have the problem of being slower though. :D
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    Last vehicle I had that did this was because all the forward clutches welded themselves together. I hope that's not your problem. I had park and everything else was forward.
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    SCT 9550 Updater Software

    Thank you for replying your solution.
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    I'm on my second set of nitto 420s in the same size. The sidewall isn't as stiff for hard hard cornering but it grips well and launches at the track nicely as well. I got over 50k out of my last set.
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    Another mopar

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    Plasti-Dipped my 10!

    I think it looks great. I wouldn't be very concerned of the opinion of someone with 3 posts in a year total, all of which have been negative. I'm sure a "real" paint job lasts longer as it should for the cost of 10 times as much. A real paint job is also out of the skill set of most people while...
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    Calling all paxton sc guys

    I'm no help on the subject but I wanted to say how amazing your engine bay looks. Keeping it that clean I'm sure doesn't come easy.
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    Recent Truck Pics

    Our second baby's gender reveal.
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    Plasti-Dipped my 10!

    Amazing work man. I've been toying with the idea of a wrap since my silver is starting to show its age.
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    It likely needs bled. That should be a routine thing with these truck tbh.
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    The ROE page.

    I have one for sale. I am ready to sale for the price listed. Please contact me at my gmail for western union direct deposit.
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    51' International SRT-10

    1320VR$. Contact this Fella.
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    SRT10 Ram engine in not a ram? (wiring questions)

    Theres a guy on here building an old ford truck with one of our drivetrains. If I can find his thread I'll bump it to the front page.