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You’re welcome Feb 19, 2022

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    1. Viper Truck Registry
    2. Penney
      Thank you for all the information you sent to me about my SRT 10. The more I learn about this truck the more I appreciate how special these vehicles truly are.

      Thanks again.
    3. IowaViper
      Hi Jeff, I'm a new member but bought my Ram SRT 10 new in 04. Having engine problem and just want to swap engines. Can we put an 05 engine in a 04. Both the 05 and the 04 are manual transmissions.
      1. Viper Truck Registry
        Viper Truck Registry
        There are differences (knock sensor), I’m not a mechanic so I might not be the best one to ask, look up rottenronnie
        Aug 13, 2021
      2. IowaViper
        Ok, thanks. I’ll try for rottenronnie. Still trying to learn to navigate on this forum
        Aug 14, 2021
    4. AMS3
      Jeff, our website has been hacked in the Forums and we're getting spammed big time.
    5. Kiwi SRT10
      Kiwi SRT10
      Thanks for the Cert
      We were having a giggle, we used to drive through Jerome in the fall/winter when we were driving trucks over there 19 years ago now
    6. VIPR PWR
    7. Kiwi SRT10
      Kiwi SRT10
      Hey Jeff, I see on here near everyone runs under a username not their own.
      Could you change mine to "Kiwi SRT10" Thanks Kent
    8. Kiwi SRT10
      Kiwi SRT10
      Apparently it was sold in TX and last record was at 4910 miles in 2005 before being purchased and shipped to NZ converted to RHD and been here ever since. It has 68000 miles on the clock. It is not an easy machine to fuel as Premium 95 RON is currently $2.41 a litre/liter
    9. Kiwi SRT10
      Kiwi SRT10
      Hi Jeff I have just purchased a SRT 10 in New Zealand and love it. May or may not be in your list of Vins Vin# 3D7HA16H14G170216 if that helps
      1. Viper Truck Registry
        Viper Truck Registry
        Dodge RAM SRT-10

        Not Registered

        2004 Build Number: #??? of 3057
        Build Date: 12/10/2003 5:00:00 PM
        2004 DODGE RAM 1500 REG. CAB PICKUP
        PX8A Black Clear Coat
        VIN: 3D7HA16H14G170216


        Pictures: No

        Equipment Listing
        VIN 3D7HA16H14G170216
        Vehicle Description 2004 DODGE RAM 1500 REG. CAB PICKUP
        Monotone Pa.... etc...
        Dec 16, 2019
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    10. Jeffrey F Maanao
      Jeffrey F Maanao
      HI Jeff, new to the forums and still learning to navigate. I would like to change my name on here and can't seem to find that option. ViperJeff is taken already unfortunately ;D Thanks in advance!
      1. Viper Truck Registry
        Viper Truck Registry
        There is no option to change, however, I can do it, what name do you want?
        Dec 14, 2019
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      2. Jeffrey F Maanao
        Jeffrey F Maanao
        Hi Jeff, I would like to change my username to "3 MPG". It's my License plate number with the DMV and Viper Truck Registry. Much appreciated! Jeffrey
        Mar 3, 2023
      3. Viper Truck Registry
        Viper Truck Registry
        3 MPG is not available 3MPG is
        Mar 4, 2023
    11. VIPR PWR
      VIPR PWR
      Spam bots loading up on posts again .. 2 of them
    12. Steven Russop
      Steven Russop
      My name is Steve and I am the proud owner of the first, original dodge viper truck prototype. It was built and owned by the legendary Carol Shelby and I have the documents from Carroll Shelby Industries to prove my truck is the first and original Viper Truck. I own the truck that made this entire site possible! I'm looking to sell it. For more information.
      Please call me at 7724868780
      1. Viper Truck Registry
        Viper Truck Registry
        Can we start with the VIN
        May 22, 2019
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    13. Tcorsrt10
      Hello All,
      I just picked up a set of Gibson headers for truck, I currently have a gorgeous Borla exhaust system with factory cats in place that sounds amazing. Does anyone know how much louder or IF louder at all the truck will be.
      1. Viper Truck Registry
        Viper Truck Registry
        Sorry, can’t help. Maybe you should ask on the open forum
        Apr 7, 2019
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      2. Tcorsrt10
        Apr 7, 2019
    14. BadBoyM
      Hey J,
      I am trying to delete my online profile here. What do I need to do. I tried going to every post and thread but there is not a delete button.
    15. Viper Truck Registry
      Viper Truck Registry
      How to Register
      Viper Truck Registry
    16. Droc-srt
      Hey J what do I need to send you to get my build number please. ???
    17. VenomTruck
      "I can't believe you banned "TheSickness" on the VTCoA FB Page. I thought you had thicker skin than smackdown"

      This is coming from a guy who banned me just days ago…

      He can come back. But he called me Tony, so he has no idea who he is even talking to. Facebook is a lot more personal, peoples addresses, phone numbers, work places, families are accessible.
    18. MisterRite
      Hey Jeff, could you send me one of the cert. please?
      email.... [email protected]
    19. SRTForLife
      man said you were the guy for info of my trucks dates.
    20. 305 avenger
      305 avenger
      Hello Jeffrey!!!!! HANK stopping by, ur the jefe over here, that's good. Had to stop by due to overwhelming popularity. My peeps demanded a showing from the legend that is HANK. Gotta go now, hang in there, life ain't so bad.......smacko!!!!!!
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