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  1. GSJake

    New Member

    Welcome to the club! Clean truck for sure! What part of the Country are you from?
  2. GSJake

    Maximizer Long Tube Headers and Midpipes for SRT10

    These are ARH knock offs. All the Chinese "stainless" I have seen gets rust spots all over the place. Pretty sure it is full of impurities. And yes it probably is low quality. This is from another review so make sure your welds are good so no leaks: "FYI, after additional inspection of the...
  3. GSJake

    APRIL 2024 TOTM - rottenronnie!!!!

    Voted! ;)
  4. GSJake

    APRIL 2024 TOTM - rottenronnie!!!!

    I just did this to my quad last summer. It is a night and day difference between the 48RE and the T-56. A completely different vehicle and much more fun and responsive to drive.
  5. GSJake

    Calling all members past, present, and future

    Thanks Wifey, yep Jake it is! Let get this place back!!
  6. GSJake

    2024 Post Ho Thread

    Maybe something like this?
  7. GSJake

    2024 Post Ho Thread

    Ahhh ahah great! I got the Alert notification on the upper side of the webpage.. No email. BTW. Anyone ever do a Oil Filter re-location kit? I am thinking of it this summer..
  8. GSJake

    2024 Post Ho Thread

  9. GSJake

    JMB Procharger Install

    You are right Mike at JMB is great to work with. They did my T-56 swap and he was very spot on with communication and questions. Excellent write up. Let us know how it is driving it. :eek:
  10. GSJake

    Part needed to fix code P0753 shift solenoid in QC auto?

    I would think the trans would need a good old school rebuild rather then go down the PCM rabbit hole. Just my.02 Interested in what the other trans shop says.
  11. GSJake

    Sad news, about Trainman

    That is very sad news. His truck was simply amazing from this Video I found. Anyone have info on the build? Rest In Peace Trainman, thank you for your time and dedication to this platform.
  12. GSJake

    1 of 3 sets of McLaren Headers for the built SRT10 Ram

    Say again!>? Anyone have any details on this?
  13. GSJake

    Upper radiator hose

    AMS3, question.. do the heater core hoses collapse too?
  14. GSJake

    Upper radiator hose

    Cool! How do you like them? I will have a combination. I bought the heater hoses in black from HPS and will have the hard pipes put on from JMB this spring.
  15. GSJake

    Upper radiator hose

    HPS makes a silicone replacement... but they are not cheap. and like you said JMB sells a kit too...
  16. GSJake

    Clutch Recomendations

    Great to hear you love it! I cant wait till spring.. thanks for responding.
  17. GSJake

    First new upgrade in years.

    What clutch did you go with>? Care to elaborate on the No2 setup? Looks KILLER btw!!
  18. GSJake

    Clutch Recomendations

    I see you have an 06, cool! Any engine mods, bolt ons? How do you like it so far?
  19. GSJake

    I Can't Believe This One

    Here is another. The Chicago shop was top notch.
  20. GSJake

    I Can't Believe This One

    They are the from the Night Runner pkg, a rare set of already rare wheels. But yea.. not $14K rare. GLWS!